How to Start an E-commerce Business

E-commerce is a booming business specially this time during a pandemic as people are staying at home. Now is a great opportunity to get started. This market is very competitive though, you must find your niche and target a specific audience and market. 

Step 1

Find products to promote

First off, we recommend finding products that you think can be sold in your local community. Based on your friend’s social media posts, you can see what they are buying online. 

If you don’t want to spend on inventory, you can check out drop-shipping. See below for some recommended dropshipping guides.

Step 2

Create your E-commerce brand

If you don’t have your own products, don’t worry. You can conceptualize a brand for your E-commerce business. You can always start with products that you love or normally use. Let’s say you love traveling, create a brand that would sell travel produts. It is better to create an E-commerce website with products that you use because you can be your own brand ambassador. 

Step 3

Find suppliers of your products

A lot of new companies have affiliate and reseller programs. If you want to resell a specific product, don’t be afraid to reach out to them if you can sell their products to your E-commerce website. 

If you want to sell globally, you can check AliExpress.

Step 4

Develop your website

When you register at NLS, you can build websites for your business. In fact you can build up to 5 websites if you are a Gold Member. If you have no experience on developing a website, NLS has a website builder. And if you are familiar with WordPress, you can also install WordPress using your Website Host Manager (WHM). Don’t worry about this techie stuff for now, you will learn how to get a website done easily when you become a member because we are here for you! 

Step 5

Promote your E-com brand

Once you have your E-commerce business ready, you can start promoting it in your community or spend some ads to drive traffic to your website. Let’s help the local economy by find local products and selling to our local community. 

Bonus Guide

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is selling products to customers where you don’t need to invest in inventory because your suppliers can ship to them directly.

For WooCommerce Dropship business, we use AliDropship. You can get a custom store here.

Here are some guides from Oberlo:

Oberlo is also a great platform for E-commerce. We have used them for some projects and they work great.

With NOW Lifestyle, you can use the hosting to develop your E-commerce site. All websites need a domain and website hosting. NLS has great digital products and tools!