How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

To start an affiliate business, you don’t need to create your own product. Affiliate Marketing is basically promoting other people’s products. Whether it is a physical product or digital product, you can definitely find affiliate programs for them. In fact, NOW Lifestyle has its own affiliate program!

Step 1

Choose Your Niche

Are you a mother who want to promote organic products for your babies? Are you a Millennial Traveller who wants to share your travel accessories? Or maybe you are a car enthusiast, art collector, vlogger, etc. Choose your niche! You can build an affiliate business based on your interest (great if you are a budding Influencer). You can also find a niche based on what sells in your community or target market.

Step 2

Join Affiliate Programs

If you want to target people in the US, you can join Amazon. Here in the Philippines, Lazada and Zalora have affiliate programs. Once you have found your niche, you can join relevant affiliate programs! 

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Step 3

Set up your website/blog

Once you have created your concept and brand, you can now set up your website or blog. During this time of the pandemic, you can also establish your own personal brand and document your everyday life while promoting some products on your affiliate business. 

With NOW Lifestyle tools, you can have your own website and landing pages. Sign up now and start setting up your online business! 

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Step 4

Create your content

Now that your website or blog up and running, the next step is to create your content. If you are building a personal brand, start off with your social media profile. If you are building a brand, create your accounts now. 

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Step 5

Drive website traffic

Opening your shop (website) won’t get sales unless you get foot traffic. For online businesses, we need website traffic. Where can we start? Here are some places where you can get website visitors: 

Driving traffic is basically learning Digital Marketing to promote your affiliate business. Keep learning! 


Can I start an affiliate business for free?

Yes you can!!! 

If you don’t have any budget yet, you can get started for free. Join affiliate programs and promote them online. Find Facebook groups, use hashtags on Instagram, Help people by engaging them in comments while promoting an affiliate product. Check out this guide: The Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Disclaimer: For free guides from Oberlo, we are not affiliated to them but we find their free resources a great resource.