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In 2017, NowLifestyle Founder and Chief Executive Officer Joel Therien had a vision of a company that would help everyday people live life on their own terms, love what they do, and laugh more often from the experiences, memories, and friendships they would create. Our mission is to change lives and lifestyles through our exclusive products, step by step training, and passionate global community.

NowLifestyle is a company made by marketers for marketers. Our products & services have been tried & tested for over 25 years helping & serving affiliate marketers & network marketers to grow their businesses online. Finally we’ve housed each of our proven products all in one hybrid marketing platform for you to grow any business with confidence by equipping you with the right tools to win.

We Equip.

By providing you with the right tools, training, and support you will be fully prepared to generate more leads, sales, and money in your business.

We Educate.

Access our fun and comprehensive training teaching you exactly how to grow your business without any technical experience. Learn at your own pace.

We Empower.

By creating true leverage for you and your family so you can feel confident knowing that your lifestyle, your freedom, and income is secure.


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By joining NOW Lifestyle Philippines, we built systems and guides to help you succeed online!

I signed up for NOW Lifestyle because of the awesome website and marketing tools that we can use in my digital business ventures. Having a compensation plan that goes with it is an extra bonus for people who want to make money online. NOW Lifestyle is a company made by marketers for marketers. I am excited because we created systems for various niche markets!

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